Myths Busted By The Best Botox Clinic In Glasgow


Botox is a treatment that almost everyone has heard of, but due to a combination of unscrupulous practitioners and urban myths, there’s now quite a lot of mis-information circulating.

Despite this, Botox remains one of the most popular and sought after aesthetic treatments, capable of delivering some of the very best results.

Glam Aesthetics Botox Glasgow Clinic, one of the top clinics in Glasgow, exposes the truth behind the Botox myths once and for all.

Myth: Botox Will Freeze Your Face

Truth: This is probably the most common misconception about Botox which has been perpetuated by stories of cases which have gone wrong.

If you go to a top clinic and make sure that your practitioner is suitably qualified and experienced, you’re very likely to come away with something very different!

Botox works by freezing the muscles but almost imperceptibly so when done correctly, you won’t have the tell-tale frozen appearance and lack of expression. It can provide either a dramatic transformation or just a subtle effect; how far you want to make the change is up to you.

Before your treatment you should have a free consultation with your aesthetician so you can describe exactly the kind of results you’re trying to achieve.


Myth: Only Old People Have Botox

Truth: Botox can be used by a great range of people, starting in the 20s and going right up into old age. However, for the very best effects it’s better to start young.

This isn’t something that everyone is aware of as many people only start to consider Botox as the wrinkles start to pile up! However, when used in the 20s, Botox can help to prevent lines and wrinkles from developing by preventing the muscles responsible from making the repetitive movements which are to blame.

It is possible to be too young to have Botox; a reputable practitioner won’t treat teenagers cosmetically with Botox. However, from the 20s onwards, Botox can help to keep your face looking younger for much longer.

Myth: Botox Will Blitz All My Wrinkles

Truth: It’s certainly true that Botox is extremely effective in helping to get rid of wrinkles but it won’t work on all the lines on your face.

Botox’s effectiveness lies in the way it freezes the muscles but it won’t work on wrinkles which have been formed via other means. The process of ageing and exposure to sunlight can form what’s known as static lines; Botox can’t treat these as they’re not related to muscle movement.

This is why Botox is often combined with dermal fillers to provide the ultimate wrinkle-busting treatment. Dermal fillers plump and smooth static lines while Botox treats dynamic wrinkles, thus together achieving the complete package.

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